Common Customer Questions

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Replacing 1 or several applications does not mean we need to start all over. In fact, there are several things we can do to save you time and money for the conversion to the new system(s). Here are some of those items:

  1. Since TBoxCloud documents the Integrations for Support and Upgrade purposes,
  2. We’ll be able to leverage what has already been defined and built including Functionality, processes, specifications such as data transformation, rules, workflow, reports, notifications, etc.
  3. Leverage one of TBoxCloud’s Pre-Packaged Connectors. This will accelerate the deployment time and provide immediate Best Practices.

All our solutions leverage the same architecture and security standards. However, some Government agencies can sometime request specific security measures to comply with other standards. TBoxCloud offers options that are suitable for Government agencies across the US and Internationally.

You have several options available:

  1. If you plan on adding a third or more applications to your integration in the future, then consider a TBoxHub solution.
  2. If your integration does not require Data Transformation, Notifications, or Workflow, then consider the TBoxFTP solution.
  3. If you do not plan to add additional applications to your integration and the embedded integration capability of your applications is sufficient for your needs, then consider the TBoxDirect solution.

A “Simple” integration is a relative term; for example, you may need to integrate only 2 applications, but the Integration Logic (data mapping, data transformation, workflows, etc.) that orchestrates the integration may be complex. A TBoxHub solution provides various advantages over FTP or direct integrations. Here are some of the main reasons:

  1. Scalability
  2. Cost effective as you keep adding applications to the integration
  3. Improve productivity (no more manual processes, corrections, etc.)
  4. Easier to maintain and update the Integration Logic.

The cost of integrating your applications varies based on the following:

  1. The total number of applications you want to integrate
  2. The complexity of the Integration Logic (the orchestration between the applications)
  3. Whether you choose a Fully-Managed solution, in which case Subscription fees do apply

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