Pre-packaged Connectors & Applications Endpoints




TBoxConnectPacks (Pre-packaged Connectors)

Pre-packaged or Pre-built Connectors, in their simplest form, include 2 Application Endpoints and an Integration Logic between them which orchestrates the integration. TBoxCloud provides a suite of TBoxConnectPacks built with Industry and Domain specific Best Practices that can be further customized to meet each customer specific requirements. TBoxConnectPacks capability ranges from the simplest synchronization requirements up to the most complex and demanding Enterprise integrations.

Accelerate Your Implementations

By leveraging TBoxConnectPacks, you will notice a significant acceleration in the deployment of your Integrations. It only takes hours to provision a standard integration with a TBoxConnectPack.

Partial List of TBoxConnectPacks

This partial list of available TBoxConnectPacks is organized by Application Type:

First select a category to identify your source system. Then, select another category to see what target system we integrate to.
For more information on integration options for each of the systems, click on the logos.

TBoxEndpoints (Application Endpoints)

Sometimes referred in general terms as “Connectors”, Application Endpoints are interfaces allowing the communication with external systems such as applications, hubs, databases, datawarehouse, CTI, etc.  Typically, Application Endpoints do not have any Integration Logic built-in (Field Mapping, Data Transformation, Schedules, Notifications, etc.) that orchestrate the integration between systems. TBoxCloud’s Application Endpoints called “TBoxEndpoints” enable connectivity of commercial and custom systems as shown below.


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