Project Description



Expense. Travel. Invoice.

Data & Process Integration

  • HR Synchronization: Employee Profiles/Demographics (New and Updated Records)
  • Financial Synchronization: Expense Reports submissions and GL updates
  • Payroll Synchronization: Reimbursement process notifications and confirmation
  • Invoice Synchronization: Vendor Payment Requests from Concur. Paid Invoice Details to Concur.
  • Vendors Synchronization: Vendor Details submissions to Concur.
  • Financial Institutions Synchronization: Employee Profiles, Employment Status. Payments History.
  • Other Synchronizations: Hierarchies, Departments, Geographies, Cost Centers, etc.
  • Referential Mapping: Used when 2 systems maintain a dissimilar list of referential data that must be matched during synchronization.

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Choice of Integration Models

<strong>TBoxHub PROFESSIONAL</strong>
TBoxHub PROFESSIONALPoint-to-Point

<strong>TBoxHub PROFESSIONAL</strong>

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